'Outstanding' reviews from Charles Darwin Primary students

September 5th 2019

Charles Darwin Primary students let us know how they feel about their 'outstanding' Ofsted result.

Following on from the incredible news that Charles Darwin Primary has been awarded 'Outstanding' in their latest Ofsted report, we spoke to some of the students to see how they feel about their school and the fantastic result. 

Adrija is in Year 3 at the school and explained that she thinks the school is 'lovely' because 'it has two playgrounds, the best teachers and the best principal ever'. 

Pal, Year 4 student said, when asked what she liked about the school: ''this school is actually the best school ever''. She then went on to say about what she finds the most 'outstanding' thing about the school: ''we have great fun and the teachers are the best''.

8 year old Adithri said she thinks Charles Darwin Primary is ''amazing because everybody is kind here and really good at their handwriting''. Adithri continued to say ''the most outstanding thing is that everybody is kind to each other and nobody is hurting each other''. 

Ava is in year 3 and she said her school ''is the best school and I couldn't ask for anything better''. She believes that Charles Darwin Primary is the most outstanding school because of ''how much we learn here''. Henry, who is 7 years old, said what he likes about his school is that ''it has a really lovely playground''.

Shaurya said that what he likes about his school is ''the studies, are quite challenging for people and also the children get fun, they play around happily''. 

The students at Charles Darwin Primary are very happy to be a part of an 'outstanding' school and lots of fun and happiness is shared amongst both the students, teachers and the staff. Congratulations everyone!

Read the full EDP report here - https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/education/ofsted-ranks-charles-darwin-primary-inspiration-trust-outstanding-1-6255479