At Charles Darwin Primary, extra-curricular enrichment and activities are a core foundation of the school’s ethos.

Our extended school day offer is a unique feature of the school. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we run our elective programme. These are high quality, optional enrichment clubs that are led by members of staff and external providers and run from 3pm to 4pm free of charge.

Our regularly changing extended school day offer - which has included dance, sport, and multiskills - is a unique and amazing part of school life.

We offer a range of topics, with recent examples including:

  • Languages (led by students from Jane Austen College)
  • Storytelling
  • Outdoor learning
  • Arts and crafts

Our electives allow our children to explore areas that they perhaps never have done before, widening their horizons and providing them with further choices and interests for their future lives.

Our electives are run primarily by members of the Charles Darwin team. Where an elective is run by an external provider, we ensure that they are providing high-quality activities and opportunities for our students and adapting to fit the needs of our children.

The programme also allows children to begin to make choices for themselves and help to shape their future learning and careers. All students also have the chance here to build upon important life skills such as social interaction, independence, creativity, physical capability and communication and language skills.


Sport is an important part of a child's development, both physical and mental.

We want our pupils to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, with regular exercise. We also want them to develop the mental qualities that can come from sport, such as resilience, independence, and the ability to work as part of a team.

As well as physical education on-site, we work with our sister schools within the Inspiration Trust to offer a range of sport via their extensive facilities.


Students within Reception classes participate in a range of sporting activities at our local Carrow Park. Run by the Norwich Community Sports Foundation, these excellent facilities provide physical development for our students as well as allowing them to build upon their team and communication skills.

We have also been able to provide our Reception students with swimming lessons at the Riverside Leisure Centre, giving them a taste of the lessons that they will be receiving next year onward and building their confidence within the water.

Year 1

Our Year 1 students attend Riverside Leisure Centre on Mondays on a weekly basis where they receive taught swimming lessons from professional instructors.

Providing a designated swimming lesson to our students guarantees that they are receiving not just a solid provision of sporting activity weekly, but also one which many may not have the opportunity to be a part of outside of school.

Students follow a timetable of lessons in which they cover the basics of swimming, as well as building upon their water confidence and water safety.