School Vision / Ethos

Our vision is for Charles Darwin Primary to be more than an outstanding school in Norwich, it will be showcased regionally and nationally as an exemplification of what exceptional schools can achieve. 

Children who graduate from Charles Darwin Primary will be resilient and independent. They will be valued individuals who are confident to express themselves creatively and be provided with a wealth of experiences outside of a typical classroom to ensure they are happy and engaged. 

Excellent teaching and learning, combined with a high-quality academic curriculum and the highest levels of support not only nurtures our students but ensures the highest standards are met.

We help our students build independence, character, resilience, leadership skills and a love of learning. Our culture is focused on promoting excellence, supporting our students in achieving their academic potential and developing aspirational children with bright futures.


Our Three Pillars

At Charles Darwin Primary, we strongly believe that if children can develop an Athlete Mentality and be exposed to Creative Arts to support their development of oracy, this will lead to Exceptional Outcomes and develop happy, well-rounded children. 

Our three pillars are:

  • Athlete Mentality
  • Creative Arts
  • Exceptional Outcomes

All pupils are provided with the opportunities, knowledge and freedom from our three pillars for their development both academically and personally.

We believe that through these pillars we can instil our core values and achieve our ambitious vision.