Our Approach To Learning

Our nursery practitioners plan a range of fun activities which are then developed based on the children’s interests, curiosity and imaginations. We encourage children to play outdoors and enjoy story time.

Tapestry - Online Learning Journey

Tapestry is an easy-to-use, online learning journal that helps nursery practitioners and parents to record, track and celebrate a child’s progress.

From first steps and messy play to learning phonics and new games, there is so much for young children to do, learn and take in during their early years. Tapestry enhances this special time, helping our practitioners to capture children’s experiences as well as monitor learning and development. Each child’s journal is shared online with their parents, who can see special moments, view their child’s progress and even add their own content. Parent involvement is something we promote at all times while your child is at nursery. By working together, we can achieve the very best outcomes for your child.

Text, images and videos are uploaded throughout the week by all nursery practitioners. Every entry helps to create a complete story of a child’s time at Charles Darwin Nursery.

Tapestry covers the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and is used in reception class at our school. Every family will receive their own secure login details.

When your child leaves Charles Darwin Nursery we provide you with a printout of your learning journal that contains a permanent version of your child’s journal as a keepsake.

Home Learning

Children’s early experiences are paramount for their future success. These are influenced by many factors including the impact of their early play, education and care; we pride ourselves on providing these quality experiences. At Charles Darwin Nursery parents and key persons work together in partnership to ensure every child is supported individually.  

At the beginning of nursery life, development levels are attained and parents are provided with a ‘What to expect when’ booklet. This supports parents with ideas to progress learning. Then, during nursery days, children’s development is tracked by their key person and shared with parents each term. We also offer home learning information and resources such as, ‘Learning Together’ for parents to take home and share with their children. We believe that by working together, we can make a difference. 

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor play for children has many benefits and at Charles Darwin Nursery the children go outside in all weathers and experience fun and freedom. Playing outdoors helps children’s learning, social skills, creativity, independence, risk-taking and much more.

There are also numerous health benefits to playing outside which is crucial to healthy development. All of the children have access to our free-flow outdoor area.