Information for families with children returning to school

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May 20th 2020

The government has said that primary school children in Reception and Year 1 will return to school from Monday 1st June. Nurseries will also return. We understand our families have questions and concerns about safety. We hope our FAQs help.

Which children can return to school?

Children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1 will return to school from Monday 1st June. 

Will children return full time?

No. Classes can only have a maximum of 15 children, therefore we’re having to change the way we work and spread out more. This means we have limited space. Because of this, children will return ‘part time’. 

This means our children will only attend some days. 

  • Reception will attend on a Tuesday and a Wednesday

  • Year 1 will attend on a Thursday and a Friday

  • Key worker children can attend any day after liaison with the Principal

Nursery will be open on reduced hours from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm from Tuesday to Friday. 

Will children mix together?

No. Children will be placed into groups – a maximum of 15 children per group. They will be assigned a classroom and won’t mix with other groups.

Within their classroom, desks and workstations will be distanced and they will sit apart.

How are you preparing to open to more children?

We’re taking a number of steps to make sure we can open as safely as possible. Our school is being deep cleaned over half term.

  • Our school is being deep cleaned over half term

  • We’ve installed sanitiser/handwashing stations in all of our classrooms

  • We have no-touch thermometers

  • We have put up signs to remind children to wash their hands

  • Our corridors have signs to support children moving around the school safely

  • All staff have gloves, visors and sanitiser 

How will drop off/collecting children work?

Parents should make sure they are social distancing when dropping children off - there will be markers on the ground.

Which entrance/exit a child should use depends on their class. We will notify parents directly about which one they should use for their child. 

How will you care for my child in the classroom?

  • Children will be in familiar rooms, with teachers/support staff and pupils they know

  • Each class will have no more than 15 children – they will stay within this group 

  • Groups of children won’t mix

  • Desks and workstations will be spaced apart 

  • Assemblies will take place via remote technology

  • Children will be escorted to the toilet and only one child can enter at a time

  • Children in Reception and Year 1 will be able to access outdoor learning whenever possible - they will wash their hands after each session

  • All soft toys will be removed, as these are difficult to clean regularly 

  • All tables will be cleaned between each session/break/lunch

  • Children will be given a pencil case, pen and pencil - these will be labelled and not shared. These will be stored in the child’s tray overnight.

  • There will be limited use of exercise books - if they can’t be cleaned then children will use paper

Will you provide lunch for my child?

Yes, all children will have lunch provided. They will eat this in their classroom, at their desk.

Will my child be able to play outside?

There will be staggered break times, during this time children will stay with their group. They won’t be able to use the play equipment. Children will wash their hands before going out and after spending time outside.

Does my child need to wear uniform?

Children don’t need to wear their blazers or ties, but we would like them to wear their uniforms. 

Does my child need their PE kit?

No, they won’t need their PE kit. 

What will my child be learning?

Your child will continue to learn, maths and English, PSHE and PE. We have lessons planned to minimise moving around their classroom, sharing equipment etc. 

How are you protecting your teaching team?

Our teaching teams will be regularly washing their hands, using sanitiser and social distancing. PPE will also be available for staff who wish to use it. This will include disposable gloves and visors.

Will the school be cleaned more often?

Yes. Throughout the day we will be significantly increasing our cleaning. This will include:

  • All touchpoints - e.g. books, desks, chairs, doors, sinks and light switches

  • Toilets 

  • Emptying bins 

  • Tables and other surfaces 

The school will also be deep cleaned weekly.