Teach First Visit to Charles Darwin Primary

July 8th 2022


Charles Darwin prides itself on regularly hosting trainee teachers, both from the university PGCE course and from the Inspiration Trust’s own training course.

This year, we welcomed three Teach First trainees for a week, from 4th-8th July, for their School Centred Learning. Our school was selected to host these trainees as an opportunity to showcase excellence in teaching and learning and the enactment of an exceptional curriculum.

The three individuals, who are set to begin teaching their own class in September, observed high-quality lessons across the school as well as getting their first taste of teaching, by gradually building up the amount they taught over the week.

The trainees were supported by two outstanding and highly experienced mentors at Charles Darwin, Louise Burt and Tom Laws. Louise supported one trainee in EYFS, while Tom hosted two trainees in year 5.

Teach First place trainees in a huge range of schools across the country for their School Centred Learning. The feedback we received from Teach First was extremely positive. They commented on the exceptional culture we have in the school, and how welcoming our staff and pupils are. They felt that the trainees gained huge amounts in such a short space of time, due to the quality of teaching and coaching the trainees received.

Teach First would love to use Charles Darwin again in the future as an opportunity to showcase excellence for their trainees, and we will happily welcome them back. Here at Charles Darwin we are exceptionally proud of our school and welcome every opportunity to share our best practice with others.