Year 3


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Capital letters

Full stops


Present tense & past tense verbs

Subordination (when, if, that, because)

 Co-ordination (or, and, but)

Expressing time and cause using adverbs, conjunctions or preposition

Introduction to speech marks

Introduction to paragraphs

Use of determiners ‘a’ or ‘an’

Headings and sub-headings

Formation of nouns using a range of prefixes, such as ‘super’, ‘anti’, ‘auto’

Word families based on common words

Big Write

Recounts - Narratives

(to build writing stamina)


(action, adventure, fantasy)


(action, adventure, fantasy)

Narratives - paragraphing

Non-chronological reports

Chronological reports


Ali Baba and the forty thieves

‘Extremely naughty children’ (poetry)

Charlotte’s Web

Matilda (poetry)

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Varjak Paw



Maths - No Problem

Number and place value: Numbers to 1000

Calculations: Addition and subtraction

Calculations: Multiplication and division

Calculations: Further multiplication and division

Measurement: Length

Measurement: Mass

Measurement: Volume

Measurement: Money

Measurement: Time

Statistics: Picture and bar graphs

Fractions, decimals, percentages: Fractions

Geometry - properties of shapes: Angles

Geometry - properties of shapes: Lines and shapes

Measurement: Perimeter of figure


Ancient Egypt

- Pharaohs

- Gods and Goddesses

- Funerary rites


Persia and Greece

- The Persian Empire

-Sparta and Athens

- Ancient Greek Language

- Persian Wars

The Golden age of Greece

- Athenian Democracy

- Architecture of buildings

- Greek literature

- Philosophy

Alexander the Great

- Philip of Macedon

- Alexander the ‘Great’

- Egypt under the Ptolemy family

Local study of Norfolk



- Major rivers in Britain

- Features of rivers and river flooding

- The River Thames


- Mountainous regions of Britain

- Highlands, Lake District, Snowdonia, Pennines, Yorkshire Dales


- Study of major cities in Britain

- Study of Manchester (inc. its economy and transport network)


- Study of arable and pastoral farming

- Dairy industry


- Erosion at Holderness

- Chalk coasts of Kent

- The Jurassic Coast

- Morecambe Bay


- Population and diversity of the UK

- London

- Languages and accents

- Study of Welsh culture


Chemistry: Substances and Mixtures

Computing: Logo

Biology: Nutrition

Computing: Word processors and spreadsheets

Physics: Types of Energy

Biology: Food webs


Personal focus



Static Balance

(One leg)


Netball / Basketball

Social Focus

Dynamic Balance to Agility

(Jumping and Landing)

Static Balance



Gymnastics / Benchball 

Cognitive focus

Dynamic Balance

(On a line)


(Ball Skills)


Basketball / Football

Creative focus


(Sending and Receiving)

Counter Balance

(With a partner)


Basketball / Football

Physical focus


(Reaction and Response)

Static Balance

(Floor Work)


Gymnastics / Tennis

Health and Fitness focus


(Ball chasing)

Static Balance



Cricket / Rounders / Athletics


There is a detailed curriculum followed by John Stephens - Music SSL


Old Testament stories and how they are remembered

- windows and mirrors

- Abraham

- Abraham and Isaac

- Isaac and Ishmael

Old Testament stories and how they are remembered

- Isaac and Ishmael

- The Abrahamic Faiths

- Jacob and Esau

Old Testament stories and how they are remembered

- Joseph into Egypt

- Moses in the bulrushes

- Moses and the Exodus

Old Testament stories and how they are remembered

- Moses and the people of God in the Desert

- Moses and the laws of God

- Ten commandments

Old Testament stories and how they are remembered

- Into the promised land

- The promised land today


Old Testament stories and how they are remembered

- Saul is made King

- David and Goliath